A little bit about me

Born and raised in Colombia, Maria Juliana Acevedo developed her passion for fashion when she was just a girl by drawing and sketching everything she always wanted to wear different from what society was forcing her to. As a teenager she taught herself to use a sewing machine and before graduating from high school she learned basic pattern-making skills. 


She began studying both Fine Arts and Psychology at la Universidad de los Andes in Bogotá before transferring to the Academy of Art University to pursuit her dream career, Fashion Design. These two areas led her to see Fashion as a visual form of communication. It has the capacity to represent an identity, an ideology, a character, a feeling and even a mood from the person who’s wearing it. She also finds intricate the fact that it also communicates the ideas of its creator: the designer.


Through Fashion, she seeks to explore this tool and what it represents to the people, the consumers. With the capacity of fashion to fill up with social power, all that signification that the product carries, is able to change people. Using it right can help the environment crisis, against discrimination and give voice for those who’ve been silenced in other ways.